Yogurt Almonds Bulk


Although many portable snack foods are not healthy, yogurt covered almonds can be a nutritionally beneficial addition to your diet. These are high in calories, but combines two healthy foods into one convenient, nutritious snack.

Ingredients: Yogurt Coating (Sugar Partially Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil, Non-Fat Dry Yogurt (Nonfat Dry Milk And Yogurt Culture) Soy Lecithin (An Emulsifier, Salt, Pure Vanilla) Almonds, Gum Arabic, Corn Syrup, Sugar and Certified Confectioners Glaze. This Product May Also Contain Trace Amounts of Peanuts And Other Tree Nuts. Contains: Almond, Milk and Soy Ingredients.

All of our Individual Bulk Bags weighs approximately 8 oz (1/2 lb). Our warehouse handles products that contain/may contain food allergens.finish descriptions